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Deer Isle






RedFalcon Watercraft
DeathZoneUK Server Pack
Basic Territories
RFFS Heli CarCover Addon
RedFalcon Flight System Heliz – Release Candidate
ZT Vending Machine
MMG – Mightys Military Gear
DZUK Clothing
DZUK CarCover
Dabs Framework
DayZ Editor Loader
CTG Weapons
Cheytac M200 from ArmA 2 Port
Advanced Weapon Scopes
[Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack
No Glove Or Shoe Damage
Code Lock

Deerisle Server Rules

Failing to follow these rules may result in a kick/ban from the server

● Please don't kill in PvE zones.
● No claiming a friends or party members bounty for the reward
● No base building in military zones.
● No base building within 500m of a military/Trade zone.
● No camping trader zones.
● The land claim flags have a radius of 25m and only one flag is allowed per base.
● Vehicles are not allowed to be left in trader zones.
● Zero tolerance for hatespeech and abuse, You will be banned.
● Don't steal accidently dropped items/vehicles in trader zones.
● Player bases are height restricted, we allow up to 2 storys high, Tower bases will be deleted.
● Hacking or any other ingame exploits will result in an instant ban.. Don't be a simp.
● Respect admins and follow all the rules and advice given out by our team.
● Combat logging is a bannable offence.
● Vehicle theft is not allowed in PvE zones UNLESS you have the key!
● DO NOT steal from any vehicle found unlocked in PvE
● English only in chat
● Vehicles will despawn after 7 days of no interaction, want to keep it safe? use a car cover!
● A maximum of 1 vehicle per player and 2 vehicles per group.
● A maximum of 1 Heli Per Base.
● A maximum of 10 locked doors per non-faction base.
● Placing car tents over hatches is not permitted.
● Territory base flags are mandetory for all bases.
● Bed spawns must be placed at your base, nowhere else!
● Placing of tripwires in PvE zones is strictly forbidden.
● Waldoboro is a NO BUILD zone.
● Griefing or toxic behaviour will not be tolerated.
● Don't uncover vehicles that don't belong to you!
● NO Loot cycling
● Most important rule of them all..... don't be a dick.

Base Raiding Rules

● Raiding is only permitted on weekends.
● No glitching into bases (this means climbing through windows).
● Raiding can only be done using Breach Charges and Hacksaws.
● Only raid what you can carry.
● Don't dismantle players bases/tents.
● You cannot take over another base.
● Maximum of 4 players raiding a base at a time.
● No player boosting.
● Do not attempt to raid the vehicle impound.
● DO NOT return to a base after raiding.

Faction Base Rules

● All factions Must have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 players
● Faction boundaries are placed and approved by an admin
● A boundary must be requested once a faction has been formed
● Boundaries have a 250m radius
● Factions are allowed a maximum of 2 land claim poles (please be sensible when building)
● 1 vehicle per faction member (this includes the homemade Heli)
● 3 helicopters max
● 2 boats max
● Boundaries are not allowed within 500m of a military zone
● Boundaries are not allowed to cover any fresh spawn locations
● Faction bases are height restricted, we allow up to 2 separate storys
● 10 Doors/gates maximum per land claim faction base

Faction Base Raiding

● Faction vs faction raiding can have a max of 6 players when raiding
● No dismantling of bases only use base raiding tools

Vehicle Impound

● Any vehicle left uncovered for more than 1 server restart without a valid reason will be impounded
● Impound release fee is 25k rubles
● If there's no admins online please open a support ticket for assistance
● Vehicles left in the impound for 7 days will be moved to an auction building, vehicle will be sold with all contents to any player with a new key assigned
All raiding must be done using breach charges and hacksaws, it is not permitted to glitch into any base.
To defend your base you must have a vanilla territory flag placed at your base, by raising this flag it will create a 150m radius PvP zone around your base allowing you to defend (when there is a threat) without being marked as a murderer.
When raiding and the PvP zone is not active then it is a risk YOU take as there is always a chance of becoming a murderer when attacking/defending.

It is advised when defending your base to keep your flag up, this will avoid any issues or confusion when it comes to killing the attackers, but please remember to reset your PvP zone after restarts due to a mod glitch.
A friend may defend your base if you are not online or in the area.
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